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7 Best NDIS Service Providers in Melbourne, VIC


The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is an initiative that is aimed to provide effective support and personalised care to people suffering from a disability. The scheme is designed to help such people to carry out their daily activities and develop life skills. Various registered companies in Australia are providing reliable support services to disabled people to help them perform their daily tasks, travel to designated locations, engage in community activities, and take care of their overall health and well-being. These service providers aim to provide a helping hand to people with disabilities so that they can overcome the challenges and enjoy their lives. Here we will mention the 7 Best NDIS service providers in Melbourne who are delivering expert services to suit the specific needs of the customers.

1. Easy Healthcare

This is a leading service provider in Melbourne offering specialist services to people suffering from a disability. The aim is to make a positive impact on the lives of the people by taking care of their personalised needs. It believes in client satisfaction and offers them full choice and control over the services they require. This means the clients get the most reliable support and advice whenever required. Easy Healthcare has a team of skilled and experienced support staff capable of handling clients with a disability as well as physical and mental health issues. The experts from the company visit the home of clients to listen to their needs and make necessary plans for assistance by taking care of the comfort level of the client. This ensures gaining the full trust of the client regarding the support and care provided. The focus is to provide all possible ranges of support by a team of empathetic, friendly, and trained NDIS support workers. Easy Healthcare helps clients to minimise the stress arising out of the physical challenges and focus their time and energy on the things that matter the most. The various specialised services include personal carerespite accommodation, cleaning & gardening service, specialist support coordination, ABA therapy, community participation, and well-being care. The disability company believes in a professional and competitive approach to handling client requirements and offering solutions. The clients and their families feel comfortable and relaxed in the presence of qualified support staff that is committed to deliver safe, reliable, and personalised care and services.

Contact Easy HealthCare via:

(Phone) 1300 959 358


2. Absolute Care & Health

Absolute Care & Health Cover

This is another registered NDIS service provider in Melbourne that offers a range of services including support coordination, care at home, domestic and community assistance, and general health and wellbeing services. It works collaboratively with clients and their families to provide services that suit their specific needs. The experienced and qualified support staff creates suitable plans and process steps to support the client in daily activities, traveling, household work, and developing life skills for performing tasks independently and confidently.

Contact Absolute Care & Health:

(Phone) 03 9070 9930

3. Miracle Hands

Miracle Hands Cover - NDIS Provier Melbourne

This is a renowned care provider for disabled persons that provides support services in household tasks that the client is not able to perform independently. These include meal preparation, cleaning, bathing, dressing laundry, and house maintenance. Miracle hands have expertise in aged care and disability support to help the clients overcome physical challenges and enjoy life. The trained and qualified staff ensures trusted and reliable service to clients helping them manage their daily activities with much ease and convenience.

Contact Miracle Hands:

(Phone) 1800 595 184

4. Sovereign Lives Victoria

Sovereign Lives Victoria Cover - Registered NDIS Provider

This is a well-known name in NDIS service in Melbourne and works with a mission to provide courteous home care and support to people with permanent or partial disabilities. The aim is to help them overcome the challenges and convert their dreams into real possibilities. The company ensures quality service provided by trained and experienced staff to help clients in their daily routine works, travel to designated places, interact with the community, and engage in group activities, along with overall development of life skills to improve their confidence and motivation level.

Contact Sovereign Lives Victoria:

(Phone) 1300 758 6347


5. Happy Wish Care

Happy Wish Care Cover

This service provider offers various services as specified under NDIS. It maintains a client-centric and professional approach in delivering services with the help of skilled and experienced staff. The support workers are certified, trained, and accredited to extend the best quality of service and care to persons suffering from disabilities. The support team provides adequate assistance to carry out all individual activities and daily routine work. The company offers flexibility in services to match the specific needs and requirements of clients and their families.

Contact Happy Wish Care:

(Phone) (03) 7035 6964


6. Ease Care

Ease Care Cover

This agency provides a range of services and support to help persons with disability to perform their daily tasks with ease and comfort. They ensure the right kind of support and tailor-made services matching the individualised needs of the clients. The services include assistance in personal activities, travel, and community participation with overall life skills development that helps them lead a normal and relaxed life.

Contact Ease Care:

(Phone) (03) 9034 9340


7. PWD Care

PWD Care Cover - Melbourne NDIS Provider

This is a well-known NDIS service provider which has designed the programs and services keeping in view of the varied needs and requirements of persons with disability. It prepares the plan and process in consultation with the client and accordingly decides on the most suitable services required. The support workers are chosen from their diverse range of skilled and experienced staff to ensure the delivery of the best service that gains the trust of the client. The company is committed to its efforts to provide support to disabled people through the specialized services and personalised care.

Contact PWD Care:

(Phone) (03) 9116 5545


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